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Re: Floppy recognition

alan duval wrote:
> I have Fedora 10 installed. Yesterday I inserted a floppy disk and the
> floppy icon appeared on the desktop. I later unmounted it but since then
> no icon appears when I insert the floppy. I can mount it by using root
> in a terminal and typing 
> mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /media
> but have to open the media folder to view the contents as no floppy icon
> appears on the desktop.
> I then added 
> /dev/fd0   /media   vfat  defaults  0 2
> to the fstab file and find that in a root terminal I can type
> mount /dev/fd0 
> and it will be mounted in /media but still no desktop icon.
> what can I do to get a floppy icon appearing on the desktop when I
> insert a floppy disk?
> Alan Duval
You do not really want to mount the floppy on /media. While it is
mounted, nothing else is going to be auto-mounted on /media. For
manually mounted file systems, I normally use /mnt/<device type> for
my mount point. For a floppy, it would be /mnt/floppy.

If you want a user to be able to use the fstab entry, change
"defaults" to "user".  but if I remember correctly, when you have an
entry for it in fstab, the auto-mounting is turned off for that
device. (My memory could be wrong...)


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