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Re: F11 Live CD Capabilities Info

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> Booting the server with the live CD?
> Yeah, I need to update the image on the servers USB key that it boots
> from. The only way to do it is to physically remove the USB key and
> put in my wkst so I can write to it which requires me to be onsite or
> boot the server via some live cd so I can get physical access to the
> usb key remotely.
>> Are you going to try to log into the machine you boot from the live CD?
> Yeah, it is an HP and it has iLO2 so I can interact as if I was in
> the server room.
>> First, the file you are trying to get of the CIFS share and get to
>> the USB key - is this an image file that will replace what is on the
>> key, or is it a normal file you want to copy to the key?
> The file (an updated image of the USB key) is available by means of
> a CIFS share on that network and I want to re-write the image of the
> usb key with it.
>> Second, what OS is the server running now?
> Vmware ESXi Server...
>> Third, if the file on the server's drive(s), or mounted from another
>> machine?
> You mean the updated image I am trying to write? It is a file server.
> Thanks!
> jlc
From the sounds of things, you would probably be better off making a
custom key with sshd running at boot, password logins turned off,
and your public key listed as an authorized key. I have not used it,
but the software to make your own live cd is available in the
repositories. Maybe someone would be kind enough to give you the
package name, and a pointer to the HOWTO page. (I can not remember
them right now.)


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