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Arranging data on the HDD

I am changing  FC11 from a two-HDD setup to a larger one-HDD setup. The first setup is using LVM spanning both disks.
What is the best way to move everything to one HDD?

Also, I want to have two partitions, one for the data and one for the programs. I know it is easy to put /home on its own partition,
but what about MySQL? I am using MythTV and both MySQL and MythTV use /var/lib to store their data.
I'd rather not use hard links "ln- s bla bla bla". I am doing that with another pc and sometimes when I had trouble with LVM the
data would be written on the wrong places.
Another option would be to move the data directories for  MythtV and/or MySQL, but I'd hate to break something that other programs
are depending on.

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this, I bet I'm not the only one doing something similar, but I guess this is kind of difficult
to phrase for google.


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