preupgrade 10 -> 11 pain: network error

brian brian at
Mon Jul 6 01:24:51 UTC 2009

brian wrote:
> stan wrote:
>> On Sun, 05 Jul 2009 15:55:22 -0400
>> brian <brian at> wrote:
>>> I've run preupgrade to download packages, etc. At some point, there
>>> was a msg stating that there was no room for a boot image (i
>>> believe--it was /boot/something) but that it would be fine if I have
>>> a wired network connection. I do, so I continued.
>>> However, upon rebooting, I'm seeing "Waiting for NetworkManager to 
>>> configure eth0 ..." followed by, "There was an error configuring your 
>>> network interface."

I found this:
preupgrade will not work with static ips

Indeed, it seemed strange that I wasn't given the option to configure 
the network.

I'm going to try what this comment suggests:

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Comment #7 From  Will Woods  2008-12-15 16:51:49 EDT  -------

Asked the anaconda guys; F10 anaconda stage1 defaults to DHCP if you use a
kickstart (which preupgrade does) and you fail to specify network options.

You can work around by either removing the 'ks=XX' param or adding a 
--bootproto=static ..." command to /boot/upgrade/ks.cfg. Check for details on the 

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But I'm wondering *when* I can edit that. If I run preupgrade again, how 
do I edit that file before rebooting if it's preupgrade that generates 
the file? Presumably, the file is written to after the user clicks "reboot".

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