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Re: TRY AGAIN, error running Maple 7 on Fedora 10

stan wrote:
I don't know if this would help, but could you run an old version of
Fedora in a virtual machine and run your maple session from there?  You
already know it works with old Fedora.  So your problem becomes one of
creating the virtual machine.  Many on this list have expertise at that
(I don't), but from reading this list it seems that VirtualBox is a
good way to start.

It probably would work, but I only have 1GB of RAM on my laptop and I am maxed out. From what I read, more than 1GB is needed to run a VM. It really seems beyond what should be necessary to get this program to work.

We had a great debate on this list once about reverse compatibility and why this or that fairly essential library is no longer included, even when installation disc space is not a consideration. I don't see what the point is of making Linux (i.e. specifically the kernel) reverse-compatible if the GNU distributors (e.g. The Fedora Project) don't allow GNU to be so. But alas, I will leave that debate to gather dust on the archives, as it seems to have fallen upon deaf developers' ears. Although finally my suggestion of advancing the architecture of the OS has finally happened... to bad it was done for i586 instead of i686, and there is no longer an i686 Fedora kernel in release 11...


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