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Re: preupgrade 10 -> 11 pain: network error

On Sun, 05 Jul 2009 20:45:24 -0400
brian <brian zijn-digital com> wrote:

> Thanks for the response. I had to go out for a bit and, after
> booting, I got back into F10 without any problem. I'd assumed (yeah,
> I know) that it would attempt to continue the install process again.
> I see nothing at all in /var/log/messages between when I rebooted at 
> preupgrade's prompt and this latest boot. I guess nothing is logged
> when booting into anaconda. Does that make sense?

Yes, you are basically running the equivalent of a live CD session,
everything is evanescent.

> There are anaconda.[log,syslog,xlog] but those are from Jan. 2008 :-(
> As for getting a command line, this I did try when faced with the 
> installer erro. I should have been more clear about that: how can I
> get a terminal from that point?
I don't know, though someone else might.
> >> 3) how to then retry the upgrade process?
> >>
> > Do the preupgrade command again.  All the packages will already have
> > been downloaded, so it will be faster, though still not quick.  But
> > if your network card is the issue, it will fail the same way until
> > you can get around the NM error in finding your card.  Check at
> > bugzilla if this issue has been reported, and if there is a
> > workaround there.
> > 
> > http://bugzilla.redhat.com/
> > 
> I figured that as the packages are already here. So, if I can resize
> the /boot partition, preupgrade should then grab what it needs and I
> can avoid the network problem, maybe? As I see it, I either find a
> way to get a terminal from within anaconda after the reboot, or I
> somehow resize /boot. This latter I've been trying to sort out with
> my good friend google. If anyone cares to chip in, my disk details
> are below.
I agree with this logic, but I think it will be hard to do.

If you download the image manually, there are options you can pass to
preupgrade that tell it where the image is, so you don't need to have
it in boot.  It is the stage2 option at the link below.

Also on this page, I see that you can pass an asknetwork command to
anaconda, might be just what you need.  You could specify that you have
an active network connection.


These are just suggestions, I haven't actually tried them.

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