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Fedora was wrong (I think) (was Re: "One or more disks are failing" ?)

So last night I booted into Windows. And I got my hand on a program (GUI based) that gives you all the SMART stats in slightly better plain English. There were no warnings of demise of any type (I'm back in Linux now and the program name escapes me, but it's not really important).

In any event, just to be sure, I installed Ubuntu today (zapping the Fedora partitions) and ran the test again.

Results in a pastebin here:


I wish I'd done that before posting here. Not to mention the nice hard drive I just bought that I really don't need (but I drooled over it, so it will be here tomorrow.

If I read the above mentioned output correctly, Some propeller-head(s) somewhere got me panicking needlessly and wasted a lot of my time..

But then, maybe I'm just an ignorant fool. :0)

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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