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Re: new disk layout

Bill Davidsen wrote:

> In suspend to disk, see the output of the 'free' command. The data in
> the 'buffers' and 'cached' need not be saved, the buffers are written to
> the filesystem and the cached data are discarded. So the room you really
> need is the swap in use plus the memory in use. And it gets more complex
> than that, because the memory is compressed as it's written out (more
> for speed than size, in practice),

Everything correct.
The decision to not save buffers and cached is debatable. Even if
it is memory which can be read again from the disk, it is MUCH
faster to read from the swap image in a contiguous fashion, than
to seek everywhere for minutes after a suspend.
That is one of the really good things which only tuxonice has.
I hope to see it finally merged.

> so it's really hard to guess how much
> swap will actually be used.

But it is really simple to decide the size of the swap
partition: use a big one.
There is really no disadvantage to have a bigger one.

2 GB RAM? -> 5 GB swap

more than enough to have 1gb swap used and suspend everything;
probably large enough even when you upgrade to 4 GB RAM.

I don't think anyone really cares about 2 or 3 GB of disk
on a modern machine (having 2 GB of RAM makes it modern).

   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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