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Re: Fedora was wrong (I think) (was Re: "One or more disks are failing" ?)

2009/7/6 Scott Beamer <geekboy angrykeyboarder com>:
> So last night I booted into Windows. And I got my hand on a program (GUI
> based) that gives you all the SMART stats in slightly better plain English.
> There were no warnings of demise of any type (I'm back in Linux now and the
> program name escapes me, but it's not really important).
> In any event, just to be sure, I installed Ubuntu today (zapping the Fedora
> partitions) and ran the test again.
> Results in a pastebin here:
> http://bit.ly/hard-drive-is-in-fact-not-dying
> I wish I'd done that before posting here.  Not to mention the nice hard
> drive I just bought that I really don't need (but I drooled over it, so it
> will be here tomorrow.

As far as I can see, the output from smartctl from Ubuntu is identical
to the output of smartctl from Fedora which was discussed in your
previous thread. That clearly shows some issues with your drive, so I
don't know what logical leap you've made in the meantime to lead to
"There were no warnings of demise of any type".

The reason you don't see the pop-up appearing in the Gnome under
Ubuntu is probably because they don't ship that applet. It also wasn't
shipped in F-10. I'd really trust what you see in the output from
smartctl - it's just reporting raw data from the drive.

Incidentally, why have you aborted all of the smart tests that you've
started? If I was you, I'd run an extended offline test and allow it
to complete.

> If I read the above mentioned output correctly, Some propeller-head(s)
> somewhere got me panicking needlessly and wasted a lot of my time..

I think you need to reassess this conclusion, and also consider not
referring to people who are trying to help you in their own free time
(be it mailing list people or the people who wrote smartmontools,
smartctl etc) as "propeller-heads" that waste your time - this is just
plain rude.


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