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Re: Problem with evolution after migrating to FC11

On Mon, 2009-07-06 at 12:02 +0530, Shridhar Sahukar wrote:
> 3. wrt suggestion from poc, I dont find any option like "Always check
> for
> new mails in this folder" for any folder. Under folder properties
> dialogue I
> see only one option - "Index message body data" which is checked by
> default.
> Not sure what this option means, and if it has any relevance to my
> problem.

What you describe looks like the case for local mail (which has fewer
per-folder options than IMAP).


> Let me recapture the problem again:
> Whenever evolution downloads a new mail, it is filtering it properly
> into
> the destination sub folder. But the folder name doesnt get highlighted
> with
> new mail notification. However, if I go and click on the corresponding
> folder, immediately the folder name gets highlighted with number of
> unread
> mails. So the highlighting of folder with number of unread mails is
> not
> happening automatically. Due to this, I wont know if any new mail as
> arrived
> unless I go and click on each of the folders.

This is new information. You hadn't mentioned that the unread count
appears when you visit the folder. Which exact version of Evo are you
using? The current stable version for Fedora is 2.26.2, but some earlier
versions did have a problem such as you describe. Do a "yum update
evolution" to make sure you're up to date.

Also, Evo 2.26 uses an SQL database for indexing, whcih *can* sometimes
get corrupted. A few days ago I posted a short script to deal with this,
but here it is again:

        cd ~/.evolution/mail/
        for i in `find . -name folders.db`
                echo "Rebuilding Table $i"
                sqlite3 $i "vacuum;"

Do this only after shutting down Evo completely (evolution
--force-shutdown). It will make Evo reindex all your mail when you
restart it.


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