Many problems with F11

Croombe F. Pensom croombefp at
Mon Jul 6 15:33:44 UTC 2009

I upgraded from 10 to 11 a couple of days ago and the result has been a
pile of headaches and I am wondering if anyone else has had the same
OpenOfficeWriter 3.1.0 is one of the worst offenders having reduced a
simple call to print a document into several calls because the straight
print no longer opens with a list of printers. It is painfully slow. It
fails to re-enter the current document after a save. One cannot force
Insert > Picture to default to showing a preview. And that's just for
Tuxcards runs but the text is all little rectangles as though the font
has disappeared despite the fact that my font collection has remained
unaltered. I tried removing the code and re-installing, but this did not
effect a cure.
Firefox keeps coming up offline despite me setting it to be on-line.
Alarms from Korganizer no longer work (oh, yes, they work ONCE
immediately after rebooting but never again). 
I can hear sound, but only just even if I wind up the volume on my
desktop and the volume on the speakers themselves.
These are so infuriating I am now contemplating reverting to 10 despite
the fact that conversion to 11 cost me oodles of download time as it
took so d*mn*d long.
Maybe I should have waited and purchased the DVD rather relying on the
update feature to go from 10 to 11. Any comments?
Finally, to save me future bother and suchlike, is it possible to
install several distros on the one HD and be able to select them at
start-up? Whenever I have tried to do this, the new distro wants to
overwrite the previous one rather than install side-by-side so to speak.
I await helpful comments in great anticipation.
This e-mail produced entirely under Linux. 
Absolutely NO M$ products have been used.

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