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Re: F11 unusable !!!

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
> For more informations about my system, I have a Dell Vostro 400 (Intel
> Dual 2 Core with 4GB of memory).
> Unfortunaly, Windows runs without problem on this hardware
> Le 6/07/09 15:56, Patrick O'Callaghan a écrit :
>> On Mon, 2009-07-06 at 10:16 +0200, Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm desesperate....
>>> Even after updating latest version of kernel, after a few minutes the 
>>> fan is starting and my systems hangs up. It is the same in level 1,3 or 
>>> 5. Starting without acpi make the systems very very very slow (a yum 
>>> update kernel took 3 hours...)
>>> Has anyone an idea ???
>> Sounds like a temperature problem. Perhaps you'd consider adding some
>> pertinent information, such as:
>> What hardware is this is happening on?
>> Are you monitoring system temperature and if so is it normal or high?
>> Does 'top' show any cpu hogs?
>> Does the problem also happen on F10 or any other system (e.g. a Live
>> CD)?
>> In the past, my noisy fan problems have always been caused by
>> temperature, caused in turn by dust clogging intakes or even fan motors.
>> poc

Try a Fedora 10 live CD. If things work fine, then think about going to Fedora
10 for a bit or another distro. I've heard a lot of experienced Linux users say
they haven't even been able to install Fedora 11 on their laptop hardware, and
they ended up going with another distro. For the most part on my laptop Fedora
11 works fine after jumping through hoops to install (upgrade failed), but the
fan blows about medium for a couple minutes when I log in even though
everything is cold, before settling down to function normally. I also have a
glitch where when on battery the indicator in the gnome panel keeps showing
full on occasion. Also, it eats the battery faster compared to Fedora 10. I
wish I would have waited a month or two to upgrade after I saw the issues
dwindle down. I do like Fedora 11, so it's worth suffering through this period
to run eventually.

I run Slackware 12.2 on my desktop. Rock solid stable and fast, less memory
usage, but you have to take a more hands on approach to manage it and add extra
software. Patrick won't release it until it is ready which doesn't appear to be
the case with Fedora. I've run Fedora on my laptop since I purchased it, Fedora
7 I believe, and this was the worst upgrade experience. But I guess you have to
consider that Fedora is the experimental branch of Red Hat, so watch the
message traffic before upgrading right away.

Jason Turning

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