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New to Fedora, Network Issues.


I have just installed fedora 11 but have been a linux users for several
years (Ubuntu).  I was able to get everything I needed running with out
any problems until I got to sharing Disks/Folders with Windows. I have
my Linux box, 2 Windows machines, and a printer on a LAN configured with
a single router. The network settings on the PCs have not been change in
a long while and everything use to work.

I configured Samba to share a backup disk to everyone using the Samba
Server Configuration tool GUI. nmb and smb are both running.

When I go to "Places-> Network" I see the Windows Network icon. When
activating it I get "Failed to retrieve share list from server". I can
not ping any other machine. No PC can see the Linux machine but PCs can
see each other. I did get the printer to work after a driver install and
mail and internet are fine. My linux machine is a wired connection to
the router, device eth0. The PCs are wireless. Network Configuration
tool also shows a ethernet hardware device pan0 that I know nothing

My router is set up to use dynamic addressing so I did not add any
host/ip pairs to the hosts file. Being only a linux user and not an
expert, I don't know what is wrong and nor what to do next.


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