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Re: Re: any thoughts on why cooling fan keeps spinning up and down?

Robert L Cochran wrote:

On 07/05/2009 01:09 PM, john wendel wrote:
On 07/05/2009 08:07 AM, Robert L Cochran wrote:
I think there is probably a physical cause. It gets too easy to blame
the operating system for physical device issues. The fan speed is
controlled in part by temperature sensors on the CPU and feedback from
the fan circuit itself. I think all the fan speed controls are managed
by motherboard parts, not by the operating system interacting with those


On 07/04/2009 08:14 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
this is another problem i started having with the test version, and
it's still happening now -- on my gateway laptop running fully-updated
f11, the cooling fan keeps spinning up and down with about a 3-second
period. it's really kind of annoying. occasionally, it will stop
completely for a bit, then it starts oscillating all over again.


Actually, modern notebooks (and probably most desktops) have their fan controlled by the ACPI "thermal zone" driver - strictly software. Saves the manufacturers a few cents on every motherboard.



I'll look into this, thanks. On the other hand I've opened up enough system cases (including laptops) and cleaned more than enough dust bunnies or coffee spills to realize fan speeds can have very physical causes indeed. Don't think of the fan as "just" controlled by operating system software. There is usually a physical reason why the speed varies and that ought to be the first thing to check before suspecting the operating system.


My thoughts are that it is a physical problem, possibly clogged processor cooling fins. I once removed the heat sink (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS), and reapplied new heat-conducting goo and reseated the heatsink.

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