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Re: Many problems with F11

On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 15:33:44 +0000,
  "Croombe F. Pensom" <croombefp sympatico ca> wrote:
> Tuxcards runs but the text is all little rectangles as though the font
> has disappeared despite the fact that my font collection has remained
> unaltered. I tried removing the code and re-installing, but this did not
> effect a cure.

There were changes going on with fonts during the F11 development cycle.
It may be that tuxcards is using different fonts than before, but not
properly requiring them. You should fill out a bux against it, if there
isn;t already one covering this problem.

> I can hear sound, but only just even if I wind up the volume on my
> desktop and the volume on the speakers themselves.

There were some issues related to sound that were not handled well when
there wasn't enough time to do things right. You might be able to fix
this with alsa-mixer. From the command line you can run
alsa-mixer -c0
(if you have more than one sound card you may need to use a different option)
and you will be able to set some other volume controls. In F12 these issues
will be addressed by having some soundcard specif data for exceptions and
by tying some of the volume levels together.
There is also a graphic volume tool that was added back in just before the
release, but I don't remember the name.
> These are so infuriating I am now contemplating reverting to 10 despite
> the fact that conversion to 11 cost me oodles of download time as it
> took so d*mn*d long.

That will probably be more painful. Resolving your problems in F11 might
be easier.

> Maybe I should have waited and purchased the DVD rather relying on the
> update feature to go from 10 to 11. Any comments?

Downloading a live DVD and testing it before upgrading is a very reasonable
thing to do.

> Finally, to save me future bother and suchlike, is it possible to
> install several distros on the one HD and be able to select them at
> start-up? Whenever I have tried to do this, the new distro wants to
> overwrite the previous one rather than install side-by-side so to speak.

Yes it is possible to do this. There are potential issues if you want to
share /home between versions. Plus it may be a significant amount of work
to get from your current layout to one with multiple versions of Fedora
on it.

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