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Re: Help with d????????? ? ? ? ? ? .gvfs

On Monday 06 July 2009, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>On Mon, 2009-07-06 at 11:27 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Monday 06 July 2009, William M. Quarles wrote:
>> >I have a directory in my home directory named .gvfs with the following
>> >properties when I do an ls -Al:
>> >
>> >d?????????  ? ?       ?            ?                ? .gvfs
>> >
>> >I can't access it, delete it, nor rename it; nor can root do any of
>> >those things. I keep getting error messages in the terminal saying as
>> >such, too. Does anybody know how I can fix this?
>> >
>> >Thanks,
>> >William
>> I'll follow this thread too, as I have it, and its driving amanda to
>> squawk about it.  And root cannot do anything to it either.
>This has been discussed at length already:

If quoting a thread, then IMNSHO the thread should have the definitive answer.

And that thread never gets to an answer.  Not being a gnome user, if it is 
part of gnome, and I'm not running gnome (spit), then why can't it be un-
mounted or deleted?  All those answers are dbl-talk to me.  

Here it claims it is busy.  And I get an email from amanda every morning 
claiming it cannot access it.

So how about answering the original question?, which seemed to be something 
along the lines of a 'how can I get rid of it' question.

Cheers, Gene
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