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Re: New to Fedora, Network Issues.


 If you have disabled iptables and can't ping a neighbour host the problem is not iptables but the Windows firewall, by default pings are disabled on windows boxes. You either have to open the ICMP protocol on the win firewall || disable it altogheter.

 I wouldn't disable iptables. The default iptables configuration on F11 allows me to smbclient any host on my work unless those win boxes have firewall enabled.


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> -----Original Message-----
> From: mlnx mho com
> Sent: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 13:49:06 -0600
> To: bruno wolff to
> Subject: Re: New to Fedora, Network Issues.
> Bruno,
> I disabled the Firewall and iptables and ip6tables.  Now when I select
> "Places/Network/Windows Network" I no longer get the "failed to
> retrieve..." message but now I see an empty window, no PCs show. Ping
> still fails. I have never before ran the linux firewall. I always just
> depended on the firewall in the router.
> Thanks Mike
> On Mon, 2009-07-06 at 13:33 -0500, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 12:20:53 -0600,
>>   Mike Adolf <mlnx mho com> wrote:
>>> When I go to "Places-> Network" I see the Windows Network icon. When
>>> activating it I get "Failed to retrieve share list from server". I can
>>> not ping any other machine. No PC can see the Linux machine but PCs can
>>> see each other. I did get the printer to work after a driver install
>>> and
>>> mail and internet are fine. My linux machine is a wired connection to
>>> the router, device eth0. The PCs are wireless. Network Configuration
>>> tool also shows a ethernet hardware device pan0 that I know nothing
>>> about.
>> My first though is that the firewall needs to be adjusted. Try
>> temorarily
>> turning off the firewall (service iptables stop) and retest. If that
>> fixes things, you'll want to adjust your firewall rules.
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