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Re: Fedora was wrong (I think) (was Re: "One or more disks are failing" ?)

Michael Schwendt spake thusly:

Funnily, you posted a SMART report that shows the same values as before.

It does? The other one had much more output (didn't it?).

A self-test that ended with a read failure. One sector that the drive has
failed to reallocate/replace. Two sectors that have not been
reallocated/replaced yet. Four reallocated sectors is not much of a
threat, but you still need to observe that this value doesn't increase

Why did you highlight the wrong lines?

They're not "wrong". I highlighted them to show stuff I felt was important.

Only Fedora had been raising the
alarm over the past month. :)

To understand why a component raised the alarm you need to examine what
values it looked at.

You're right. But I don't understand enough about this to know. Meanwhile, I'm getting 3 new drives this week. And I'm taking the computer into a shop to have them installed. Since it's there, I'll have them test this drive and if in fact it's failing (or they tell me it's clearly headed in that direction) then I'll have them yank it.

Thanks for your feedback.

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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