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Re: Re: any thoughts on why cooling fan keeps spinning up and down?

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 4:07 PM, Leslie Satenstein <leslie satenstein gmail com> wrote:

My thoughts are that it is a physical problem, possibly clogged processor cooling fins.  I once removed the heat sink (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS), and reapplied new heat-conducting goo and reseated the heatsink.

The same system does NOT exhibir the fan up-and-down when booted with XP64, but does with F11...

I think it might be related to AMD´s Powernow (is it supported in Linux?) where the CPU adapts power consumption due to cpu load, and interaction with the BIOS.

The Sun w1100z for instance once had a BIOS bug that made it loud during the whole boot process and the internal fans (not CPU fans but case fans) only slowed after WinXP fully booted.. A BIOS update from Sun Micro fixed it.

So I´d GUESS there´s some relation between bios, temperature sensors (CPU and CASE internal temp sensors), and maybe AMD powernow - cpu load as well. It´d be interesting for me to know how the Linux kernel interacts with all this...


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