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Palimpsest Disk Utility is annoying ??


I just fresh installed F11.  I like most things about it with three

1) Palimpsest Disk Utility warns me one of my disks is slow spinning up.
I know.  I bought it back when 40 GB was avant garde; it contains my
WindowsXP; I don't use it very often; it is regularly backed up to
another disk; and, I don't care if it dies.  I will buy a new one then.
The disk passes all other tests.

Because of a lack of manuals, can someone tell me how to turn it off.  I
don't want to remove it.  It is generally a good utility to have.  I
just want Palimpsest Disk Utility to stop nagging me about this problem
on this hard disk.

2) The kernel that was installed with F11 does have all the firmware and
modules compiled in so that my TV tuner now gives me a glorious analog
cable picture with no fiddling.  But there still is no sound.

If I get no advice to the contrary, I will buy an exterior line to
connect the tuner card to the sound card.  This goes against all my
intuition.  My tuner and sound work perfectly in WindowsXP.

My tuner card is a Hauppauge WinTV HVR1800 PCIe.  I am using TVtime.  I
spent hours on this (see previous posts over a month ago). If an
exterior line doesn't work I guess I will file a bug against PulseAudio.

3) I ended up doing a virgin install of F11.  I tried to upgrade from
F10 and ran into problems.  I posted on this list but received no
assistance, not even a bit of sympathy.
Regards Bill
Fedora 11, Gnome 2.26.2
Evo.2.26.2, Emacs 22.3.1

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