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Re: Help with d????????? ? ? ? ? ? .gvfs

On Monday 06 July 2009, Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
>>>The way that you wrote this Gene I would think that your "driving amanda
>>>to squawk" problem is an amanda problem not a .gvfs problem. Amanda is
>>>an 'addon' backup application, correct? And .gvfs is part of the Fedora
>>>operating file system. This .gvfs *belongs* there and is needed.
>>>  David
>> By what, David?  I'm running kde here.  I just made that script from a
>> previous message, then did a killall on the daemon, and with that gone the
>> tree if any has now been deleted.  We will wait and see what squawks.
>> As far as the comment about an addon, non-approved app like amanda is
>> concerned.
>As far as I can see, there is no distinction between gnome-vfs2 and
>amanda in terms of what is an 'addon'. They both come from the same

Sorry Sam, not true for me.  The things that are done to amanda in order to 
hammer it into the rpm mold do not set well with amanda's security model.  So 
the amanda here is built from their tarball, and has been so for over a 

>Gnome is the certainly a default in some Fedora spins,
>but that doesn't make it and it's dependencies the one-true-desktop.
>I like gnome-vfs2, I use it a lot - but I'm a Gnome user - I can quite
>see why KIOSlave would be more important to KDE users and other
>methods of accessing virtual filesystems important to other DE users.
>If Gene doesn't want gvfs, then it shouldn't be there - Free Operating
>systems are about empowering user choice!
Amen.  There are things in the std kernel that I never build, device-mapper 
being one of them.  They started playing with the drive ordering about 3 years 
ago, and the only way I can protect myself from the volatility of that is to 
not enable it at all, so /dev/sda _stays_ /dev/sda without becoming /dev/sdh 
the next time I boot.  That obviously is a boot failure that requires I play 
with the (hd0,0) statements in my grub.conf until I find the magic twanger 
that will work, more than likely only for that particular bootup.  I have I 
think, 4 stanza's of fedora kernels in my grub.conf, with all files needed in 
the /boot partition.  I actually tried to boot one of them about 4 months 
back, and it couldn't find and mount /, device mapper was enabled I guess.  
But its there, right on /dev/sda3, exactly where I put it, and exactly where 
my grub.conf says it is.

So when it happened and I fussed, I got laughed at & told to 'get used to it'.

Sorry, such BS just doesn't cut it.  My pleas for stable device mapping were 
thrown under the bus & the driver slapped cuz the bus wasn't moving quickly 
enough.  I look at the bootup fussing that it can't find device-mapper every 
boot, BUT IT BOOTS...

>But that said, I get the same thing with my .gvfs directory when I ssh
>in to a freshly booted system without Gnome running - which may be the
>environment that amanda might have to deal with - and having screwy
>permissions at any point has to rate a bug surely?

I concur 100% that its a bug.


Cheers, Gene
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