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VirtualBox problems

After much frustration I finally figured out how to view my shared
folders and my USB. I didn't realize that the shared folders are in the
network folder. I couldn't access the USB flash memory no matter what I
did. It was always shown grayed out. Finally I made /media a shared
folder and was able to open it as a shared folder.

I still haven't been able to print from WIN XP which is installed as a
virtual machine. I have a HP 960C printer connected via a parallel

How does one access a parallel connected printer from WIN XP as a
virtual machine?

At present all I can do is to copy anything typed in  WIN XP to the
shared folder and print it via Fedora 9. I then have the problem that
*.doc files may not be formatted as in the original and it is a rather
clumsy method.

Hoping someone can enlighten me re this printing problem.

Regards to all,

Alan Duval

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