any known working USB/serial converters?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Jul 7 16:29:04 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 07 July 2009, Steve Underwood wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Tuesday 07 July 2009, Steve Underwood wrote:
>>> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>>>   a while back, i was whining about the lack of functionality of a
>>>> particular USB/serial converter:
>>>>   does anyone have such a converter that just plain works out of the
>>>> box?  i'm more than happy to buy and try another brand if it's the
>>>> prolific product that's causing the trouble.
>>> The log shown there lists a Prolific pl2303 USB serial converter chip.
>>> I've been using various converters based on those with Linux for several
>>> years, and never had a problem. I use them at speeds up to 460800bps.
>>> Steve
>> yes, and in a low traffic situation, they will throw away the first byte
>> of a packet about 10% of the time.  That is enough to make them  worthless
>> for most apps.  Use FTDI stuff.
>My experience is completely the opposite. I found the FTDI devices
>useless. They keep hiccuping or locking up completely. I've used the
>prolific devices in applications from intermittent bursts at 1200bps, to
>endless streaming at 460800bps. I also use them in applications where
>the adaptor is powering opto couplers, and the voltages end up way off.
>I've never had problems.

We will agree to disagree then. I have never had an FTDI deice do anything but 
work with one singular exception, it was on the end of 2 usb extension cords, 
with the far end devices plugged into a separate circuit, and the hub did not 
survive a very close lightning hit, one of maybe .1 secs between the flash and 
the crack.  pl2303's will not work to my ups, nor will they work for heyu 
about 25% of the time.  FTDI's Just Work(TM) for both.

Cheers, Gene
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