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Re: clone a bootable fedora USB drive?

> Anyhoo, now that I've spent most of a
> day getting the USB stick updated
> and configured, I want to clone it to
> another USB stick.  

 what I use is dd, as root.

Plug it in and if it gets mounted, unmount it.

I always "df -l", and "fdisk -l"
To get the system info first.

Then plug it in, wait for 30 seconds and "df -l"  "fdisk -l" again.

That way you can see if it automounted.
"fdisk -l" will show you the name and any partitions.

Make SURE that you know which one is the USB.
If unsure just unplug it and start again.

I presume that it is /dev/sdb here.

"umount /dev/sdb1"  If it did mount it.

Then "dd if=/dev/sdb of=F9-usb.img"

This will make an image the whole thing, in your current directory.

To restore "dd if=F9-usb.img of=/dev/sdb"

You can save this image onto a CD as it is just a data file.

One thing to watch out for is that your keys be the same size.
The second (clone) can be bigger but not smaller than the original.
You will lose the extra space.



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