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Re: Dell Perc 4/DC and PowerVault 220S - firmware upgrade under Fedora

Howard Wilkinson wrote:
> I have 4 Powervault 220s devices which need the firmware on the embedded
> controller cards upgraded. I have download the dell Linux utilities and
> tried to do the upgrade. However, this is failing - seemingly because I
> have mirrored drives for the root filing systems (software mirror using
> md) which get broken by the scan that the upgrade utility attempts. I
> have tried to get round this by building a ramdisk with the required
> utilities on it but the firmware upgrade still fails.
> The systems are currently Fedora 9 based. Has anybody managed to do this
> sort of upgrade using these utilities and if so HOW?
> Regards, Howard.
Could you boot in the rescue mode, not mount the drives, and have
the utilities on a USB drive? Or better yet, build a bootable stick
with a live CD and the utilities?


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