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Re: clone a bootable fedora USB drive?

David L wrote:
> After a recent hard drive crash on my laptop,
> I've been trying to limp along by installing
> f11 on a 8GB USB stick.  After an installation
> from a live USB stick to another USB stick,
> I drove to a local hotspot to update and
> yum install some stuff that wasn't on the
> live USB.  It took forever to update, not
> even counting the download time.  I'm sure
> there is a reason, but I was surprised that
> the original installation took about 7 minutes
> and it took several hours to update that
> installation AFTER downloading all of
> the updated rpms.
> Anyhoo, now that I've spent most of a
> day getting the USB stick updated
> and configured, I want to clone it to
> another USB stick.  I tried a few naive
> things like copying directories to the
> backup stick, but ran into boot errors
> (I think due to different uuids on the
> backup sticks partitions).  What is the
> right way to clone a fedora installation
> on a USB stick to a second stick that
> isn't exactly the same size (they are
> both 8G, but different models so have
> slightly different sizes).
You may want to give parted a try.


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