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Re: any known working USB/serial converters? [drifting off...]

fred smith wrote:
> Do these things work "both ways?" i.e., I assume they would work if one
> plugged the USB end into one's computer and got serial out the other end.
> But how about plugging the usb end into, e.g., a UPS and taking the serial
> end back to the linux box?
> someone earlier mentioned a tripplite UPS which got me to thinking of
> that situation: tripplite no longer offers USB-compatible software for
> Linux--their linux versions are still serial only. makes one wonder if
> one of these things would bridge the gap.
If you are talking about plugging the USB end into the UPS, it is
not going to work unless the UPS has drivers for that adapter.
Remember, the UPS would be the "computer" end of the adapter when
trying to use it that way.

On the other hand, what device does the UPS look like when USB
connected? Does it show up as a USB serial device? If so, you can
tell the Tripplite software to use that serial port.


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