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Re: Samba Issues [ALMOST SOLVED] still need help

Mike Adolf wrote:
> I think I have samba set up correctly to share a linux folder within a
> windows WORKGROUP of PCs. The problem is selinux keeps denying access to
> the share and tells me that I can fix the problem using
> chcon -R -t samba_share_t 'myshare path'
> HOWEVER, when I try it, I get the following error for each file in the
> folder.
> chcon: failed to change context of `some file name' to
> `system_u:object_r:samba_share_t:s0': Operation not supported.
> Google turned up others having this problem back in 2007. Some just gave
> up and disabled selinux.  I don't want to do that.  Could the problem be
> due to the ntfs file system on the shared folder? If I change it to ext
> how does windows use it?
> Mike
Yes, the problem is the ntfs - it does not support SELinux
attributes. You can fix the problem by add the
context=system_u:object_r:samba_share_t:s0 option to the fstab entry
used to mount the ntfs partition.

When using Samba to share out files, it does not matter what file
system the server is using - it looks like a Windows share to the
computer accessing it. All my Samba shares are on ext3 file systems


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