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Re: VirtualBox problem

VirtualBox has an "internal network" option that will create a private
network containing your computer (host) and the Windows XP virtual
machine (guest), avoiding the need for any real network.

If you can print from GNOME or KDE, your printer is already set up with
cups most likely. Samba is configured by default to share cups printers
with the Windows standard 'printers' share. Make sure Samba is installed
and started, then browse the workgroups on the network from the Windows
XP host. You should see the Linux box (sometimes found in the MYGROUP
workgroup ... it depends on what's written in /etc/smb.conf) and be able
to add it's printers. If it asks you to authenticate to add the printer,
be sure to add a user and enable that user in Samba, e.g. smbpasswd -a
username, smbpasswd -e username.

There are some specifics missing here but I hope that gets you started.

On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 09:07 +1000, alan duval wrote:
> Chris Thielen wrote,
> On Tue, 2009-07-07 at 20:18 +1000, alan duval wrote:
> > > How does one access a parallel connected printer from WIN XP as a
> > > virtual machine?
> > If you're using (forgive me, I forget the exact name) 
> > "proper" (Bridged)
> > networking, e.g. where the virtual machine has a real IP on your
> > network, you could set up printer sharing on the host via Samba and 
> > then
> > have the virtual machine connect to the host machine's printer share
> > and print that way.
> > There may be a more elegant way to do it though.
> > ----------- if the printer is set up in cups (which I think the
> > graphical Fedora printer setup stuff uses), you can fairly easily add
> > it to Samba. Somewhat bad instructions:
> http://www.computing.net/answers/linux/printer-on-fedora-samba-share/26724.html .
> > Thinking about it, this might be the only solution if USB pass-thru 
> > and parallel pass-thru are not available.
> I am using a desktop computer at home and don't have a network. I have
> installed VirtualBox so that I can run WIN XP occasionally. 
> As WIN XP is a virtual machine can it be regarded as on a network?
> I have no experience of setting up a network or of setting up Samba so
> what would be the best way to go about this?
> Alan
Chris Thielen <cmthielen ucdavis edu>
Systems Administrator
Department of History
2208 Social Science & Humanities
University of California Davis
(530) 752-6043

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