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Re: XFCE wonkiness after upgrading from Fedora10 -> 11

On Wed, 8 Jul 2009 14:42:48 -0700
Lonni J Friedman <netllama gmail com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I've just upgaded from Fedora10 to 11, and I'm running across a bunch
> of XFCE problems.  Apologies if these are Fedora specific or known
> already:
> 0) New windows appear _under_ pre-existing windows.  At first I
> thought I was going crazy because apps would never seemingly run,
> until I realized that they were happily sitting behind other apps.

There is a thread on the upstream devel list about this... 
It's unclear to me at least what causes the issue. ;( 

What do you have for: 

Automatically give focus to newly started applications.
Automatically raise windows when they receive focus.

In your window manager prefs? Does changing these affect the behavior? 
Also, do you see it only with Terminal and Thunar? Or is it everything?

> 1) The menu editor(xfce4-menueditor) seems to be gone entirely.  Its
> not in the settings-manager, and there's no xfce4-menueditor binary
> anywhere.  I did a yum search for it as well, and found nothing.  That
> wouldn't be a big deal except that....

Yep. The menu handling was totally redone in 4.6, and the editor was
not ready to ship. They decided that this functionality was not worth
blocking the entire release on, so it's not available. ;( 
It should be back better and stronger in 4.8. 

> 2) My /home/netllama/.config/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml is completely
> ignored, and I'm getting a default menu with all sorts of entries that
> I don't want or need, and none of the entries that I do need.
> thanks in advance for any guidance or feedback.

Take a look at: 


for info on customizing menus in 4.6. 

Hope that helps some. 


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