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Re: yum update fails

> Kam Leo wrote:
> > You did not state which method you used for upgrading
> to F11.
> Most likely he used the DVD. You will ALWAYS end up with a
> broken yum if you 
> do that. We really need to stop promoting the DVD as a way
> to upgrade. Any 
> upgrade method not including updates will just not work.
> For details and for a workaround which allows repairing the
> system, see:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F11_bugs#Yum_doesn.27t_work_after_upgrading_from_F10
>         Kevin Kofler

On this system I used preupgrade. The upgrade seemed to have worked, yum got upgraded to the proper version, the only packages that didn't are the ones listed on the Common F11 bugs wiki page.

To troubleshoot the problem I got rid of all yum plugins, verified the rpm database, cleaned the cache, increased the verbosity level in yum.conf. Nothing helped, and no good indication of what was the problem.

I've given up, I'm saving the home directory off and reinstalling F11 from scratch. That way I'll get ext4 too.

I upgraded two other systems from F10 to F11, one with yum and the other with preupgrade, and they had only minor issues which I've been able to resolve. This last system with the yum traceback was a head-scratcher.



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