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Re: Just and FYI about Firefox 3.5

> On 07/09/2009 07:13 AM, Bradley wrote:
>>     There are several websites that are beginning to issue warnings to
>> not use Firefox 3.5 with their site due to a known (to them) lack of
>> compatibility as compared to other versions and browsers.  I have
>> experienced this myself and recommend that if you are having problems
>> accessing or using any website with version 3.5 to downgrade to 3.0
>> and you will likely find that the problem will disappear.  Mozilla has
>> been notified of this problem.
>> Bradley
> I suppose that I better also add that this doesn't appear to be a
> widespread problem across the web but seems to be limited to sites that
> use certain scripting commands.  I do not know the details about what is
> causing it but am merely passing along this information.  Due to my lack
> of technical knowledge about scripting commands I am unable to pursue it
> any further but have personally confirmed that the problem does exist.

I don't think anyone is doubting, necessarily, the claim...I think we're
just trying to verify it for ourselves, as well...that's why you're being
asked for specific URLs on which you've tested/seen this happen, or any
that have been provided to you, in an anecdotal capacity.

Mike Burger

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