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Re: Another Firefox 3.5 problem update

On 7/9/2009 9:58 AM, Bradley wrote:
> I just did a bigger search of issues with Firefox 3.5 on the Mozilla
> website and apparently the problem I've experienced is one of a number
> of problems with this release.  There are numerous reports of users
> having to downgrade back to 3.0 due to varying compatibility and website
> issues.  It would therefore be my recommendation that Fedora (as well as
> any other release) to officially not use 3.5 until these issues have
> been resolved.  If 3.5 works fine with the sites you visit, they you
> have "dodged the bullet" successfully but do not be surprised if you
> suddenly go to a new site (for you) and find it doesn't work.  Feel free
> to check it out yourself.

No proof. No URLs. No examples. No replies to others with useful
information. Evasive answers.

So what do you all think? Pure Fud. Or a troll?  :-)



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