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Re: Another Firefox 3.5 problem update

On 07/09/2009 09:58 AM, Bradley wrote:
I just did a bigger search of issues with Firefox 3.5 on the Mozilla
website and apparently the problem I've experienced is one of a number
of problems with this release. There are numerous reports of users
having to downgrade back to 3.0 due to varying compatibility and website
issues. It would therefore be my recommendation that Fedora (as well as
any other release) to officially not use 3.5 until these issues have
been resolved. If 3.5 works fine with the sites you visit, they you have
"dodged the bullet" successfully but do not be surprised if you suddenly
go to a new site (for you) and find it doesn't work. Feel free to check
it out yourself.


Another nonsense post, is more like it. You still have not explained *what* these problems are. Is it locking up? Crashing? Bursting into flames? What are these mysterious problems that you're supposedly giving the heads-up about?

Your "information" so far has been little more than rumour & innuendo and you've been evasive when pressed or clarification. FYI, my arse.

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