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Re: trying to find a path/file...

On 09Jul2009 19:27, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
| trying to figure out how to craft a find cmd to find a given file in a dir,
| that is changed more than x mins in the past
| i thought i could use a combination of find, wholename, and cmin... but
| those isn't giving me what i'm looking for... it's not returning any
| files...
| thought i could do a pipe, but that didn't work either
| i thought
|  find . /foo/*.txt -cmin -10 would work, but that's not using the change
| "cmin" attribute...
| so i've also tried
|  find . -cmin -10 -wholename '/foo/*.txt'  with no luck as well...

-10 is _less_ than 10 minutes in the past. Sure you don't mean +10?

Also, why -wholename (which I don't use myself much, since it's
GNU-specific I think)?

If you leave off the "-cmin -10", does the file show up at all?

What do these do?

  find /foo/*.txt -ls
  find /foo/*.txt -cmin +10 -ls
  find /foo/*.txt -cmin -10 -ls

Don't forget that while you _usually_ point find at directories, it can
be pointed at files too.

Also consider:

  find /foo -depth 1 -name '*.txt' -ls
  find /foo -depth 1 -name '*.txt' -cmin +10 -ls

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Expect all you want no one can force me to say anything intelligent.    - Babs

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