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VirtualBox problem

On Wed, 08 Jul 2009 14:36:26 +0000
Christopher Thielen wrote

> VirtualBox has an "internal network" option that will create a private
> network containing your computer (host) and the Windows XP virtual
> machine (guest), avoiding the need for any real network.

> If you can print from GNOME or KDE, your printer is already set up  
> with cups most likely. Samba is configured by default to share cups 
> printers with the Windows standard 'printers' share. Make sure Samba 
> is installed and started, then browse the workgroups on the network 
> from the Windows XP host. You should see the Linux box (sometimes 
> found in the MYGROUP workgroup ... it depends on what's written 
> in /etc/smb.conf) and be able to add it's printers. If it asks you to
> authenticate to add the printer, be sure to add a user and enable that
> user in Samba, e.g. smbpasswd -a username, smbpasswd -e username.

> There are some specifics missing here but I hope that gets you 
> started.

In my VirtualBox settings for my WIN XP guest for network Adapter1 I
have ticked the box to enable adapter and have the following entered:

Adapter type:	PCnet-FAST 111 (Am79C973)  
		(The option here is PCnet-PCI 11 (AM79C97CA)

Attached to:	Bridged Adapter
	       (Options are: 	NAT, 
				internal network & 				   host-only adapter )

Name:		eth0
		(options are:	pan0 & vibr0)  

Should I have changed any of these?

OPening WIN XP guest I went to the following:

My computer > Folders > My network places > Entire network > MS Windows
Network > workgroup > TOMSBOX > Printers & faxes

This window showed an icon for HP960C  (my printer) Under its properties
its port was  LPT1

In Fedora 10  I opened the following:

Places . network > windows network  

which when clicked on gave a message  "Unable to mount location. Failed
to retrieve share list from server."  

Hence I guess SMB isn't configured but don't know what to do next.

Could someone advise please?

Alan Duval            

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