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Re: kvm/qemu network problem

2009/7/10 Bret <bret381 gmail com>:
> I set up a windows xp virtual machine.  Windows recognizes the nic and set
> up a driver for it, however it will not get an ip address from my router.  I
> set up win xp before and everything worked, however, I deleted the vm a
> while back ago and now need it back.  (Guess I shouldn't have gotten rid of
> it)  Anyway, all I get is the win generated ip address 169.xxx.xxx.xxx and
> cannot connect to the internet.
> Running Fedora 11 x86_64 on:
> ASUS motherboard
> Intel Core 2 Quad
> Atheros based 10/100/1000 nic
> 4 GB RAM
> nvidia geforce 8400
> Any help appreciated

You don't detail how you went about setting up your networking - by
default virt-manager will set up NAT networking on the host machine,
such that the guest gets an ip from the host for a local (to the host)
network. That should work for most use cases, but if you really need
your guest to be visible on the network and get an IP address from
your router you need to use bridged networking. A slightly out of date
howto is here:


It's out of date in that F11 NetworkManager does (I think) support
bridging, so it may not be necessary to disable NM.


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