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Re: replace anaconda


Typically, I have 2 HD,
Let say, I have fedora 10 installed on sdb with a partitionning
(every thing is OK).
On sda, I have XP ans several partitions.
I prepared a partition to install /  (sda14)
and several logical partitions (formatted) to install fedora11.
The problem is that anaconda does not see these partitions ready to go
(trying to use existing partition, and do not format). It results
that I cannot make my install like I hoped.

Is it clear ?

The problem seems to be in the recognition of the lvm2 partitions:

On 10/07/09 12:00, Patrick Dupre wrote:
On Fri, 10 Jul 2009, Frank Murphy wrote:

On 10/07/09 11:44, Patrick Dupre wrote:

Because I am experiencing some difficulties make a new installation,
I was thinking about updating the anaconda installer.

Try downloading an F11 boot.iso from one of the mirrors.
If you have a good broadband connection.
See how you go.
You mean: Fedora-11-x86_64-DVD.iso ?
I have it.

I was hoping there was a more updates iso in the repos.
Not withstanding that.

Can you explain some of the problems\errors that occur.


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