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Re: Did I really install Kmod-Nvidia ?

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 08:24:32PM -0400, Bret wrote:
> On 07/09/2009 10:13 PM, gilpel altern org wrote:
>> The Nouveau driver worked very well and, since I'm not too sure I'll
>> install 3D, maybe I could have kept it. But my screen kept blanking once
>> in a while for a few seconds. This happened with my previous computer too
>> -- it had an old ATI card, the same monitor and a very standard open
>> source driver for ATI -- but not so often and not for so long: it was just
>> a quick blank. I thought this might fix the problem.
>> Also, I intend to install a TV card and, it anything doesn't work, I'm sure
>> the first suggestion from Nvidia will be to install their driver. As the
>> material I buy is only on a one week money back guarantee, I prefer to
>> make sure everything works in advance.
>> Also, as it often happens when I download new packages, there was a socket
>> error and a long (~ 1-2 min) halt before another server took over. (I
>> forgot to save the console screen before I rebooted, but the name
>> "liberty" was part of it.)
>> After the installation finished, the rx/tx light of the modem began
>> flashing very fast as if there was a download occuring... or maybe an
>> upload if some information on the installation has to be sent back to
>> rpmfusion or nvidia.
>> No indication of what was going on appeared onscreen. Is this anything to
>> be concerned about? Any idea What this transfer was about?
> I also have the same problem with the screen blanking out for a few  
> seconds every few hours using a geforce 8400

I think this is a known problem; I filed:


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