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Re: Another Firefox 3.5 problem update

Around 11:35am on Friday, July 10, 2009 (UK time), Bradley scrawled:

> (exasperated sigh)

Sighs back :-)

> 3)    Even though I don't have any screen shots to pass along I did find 
> one of the websites that failed to work with it.  http://www.monster.com 
> flat out does not work with 3.5 and they have posted a note to that 
> effect in their FAQ section.  If you turn off javascript, you will not 

Just been to their site and had a quick look around.  All seems to work
well including the logon window displaying correctly.  Their FAQ does
not say anything about Firefox 3.5 not working - the only mention of Firefox
in the FAQ is to say that they support Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, and some
generic instructions for enabling and deleting cookies :

Can you post specific pages (not generic websites) that don't work, and,
even better a screenshot of the offence.

I am running Firefox 3.5 in 32 bit Fedora 11 and have not had any
problems with any site so far.  Javascript is enabled.


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