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Re: Fedora 11: Switching to single user mode (runlevel 1)

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:

> My problem is that if I run "/sbin/telinit 1" from a terminal while in 
> runlevel 5, the normal messages appear and everything LOOKS fine, but then I
> am dumped to a plain black screen with no apparent way of escape.  I actually
>  have to reboot to get out of it...

i do not believe that you can be in runlevel 5 and switch to runlevel 1
while in 'x' from a terminal. they are 2 entirely different 'animals'.

note. if you do get to runlevel 1 from 'x', you will see a command line
prompt and you can do what ever. to return to runlevel 5, enter 'init 5'
to return to 'x'.

if you want runlevel 1, you need to boot to runlevel 1 from start.

you do this when you see boot prompt and press <tab>. you will be shown
boot selections. move highlight to boot that you want. [if you have multi
boots]. press <e> to edit, move highlight to line that show something like;

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.* ro root=/dev/hda1 resume=/dev/hda2 acpi=force

press <e> again and cursor will be at end of line. enter a <space> and <1>,
then press <enter>, then <b> to boot.

this is from memory, as i always boot runlevel 3. exact instructions will
be shown at bottom of boot selections.

i have my system 'inittab' set to 'id:3:initdefault:', which you should do
if you wish to start booting runlevel 1 or 3. if you make change, change
the number '5' to '3'. do not comment out line and write a new line. doing
so will cause problems.

when you boot runlevel 3 and log in, you can start 'x' with 'startx'. when
you close 'x', you return to runlevel 3.

when you want to use runlevel 1, simply type 'init 1' at command line and
you will drop to runlevel 1. you do not have to use "/sbin/telinit 1"



peace out.



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