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Re: Fedora 11: Switching to single user mode (runlevel 1) -- Hey g.

Top post here on purpose. Hey g. Would you, could you, do me, and
others, a favor? Please?

Either do as you are supposed to do when using GnuPG to sign your emails
and *publish' your *public key* to a keyserver so that my system, and
others systems, do not have to look for your *public key*, and fail,
with every one of your posts to this list. Your *public key* is supposed
to be *public*. That's why it is named *public key*. It is your *private
key* that you keep *private*.

Or just stop signing the darn posts.

Please g. One or the other.

On 7/10/2009 1:10 PM, g wrote:
> Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
>> My problem is that if I run "/sbin/telinit 1" from a terminal while in 
>> runlevel 5, the normal messages appear and everything LOOKS fine, but then I
>> am dumped to a plain black screen with no apparent way of escape.  I actually
>>  have to reboot to get out of it...
> i do not believe that you can be in runlevel 5 and switch to runlevel 1
> while in 'x' from a terminal. they are 2 entirely different 'animals'.
> note. if you do get to runlevel 1 from 'x', you will see a command line
> prompt and you can do what ever. to return to runlevel 5, enter 'init 5'
> to return to 'x'.
> if you want runlevel 1, you need to boot to runlevel 1 from start.
> you do this when you see boot prompt and press <tab>. you will be shown
> boot selections. move highlight to boot that you want. [if you have multi
> boots]. press <e> to edit, move highlight to line that show something like;
> kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.* ro root=/dev/hda1 resume=/dev/hda2 acpi=force
> press <e> again and cursor will be at end of line. enter a <space> and <1>,
> then press <enter>, then <b> to boot.
> this is from memory, as i always boot runlevel 3. exact instructions will
> be shown at bottom of boot selections.
> i have my system 'inittab' set to 'id:3:initdefault:', which you should do
> if you wish to start booting runlevel 1 or 3. if you make change, change
> the number '5' to '3'. do not comment out line and write a new line. doing
> so will cause problems.
> when you boot runlevel 3 and log in, you can start 'x' with 'startx'. when
> you close 'x', you return to runlevel 3.
> when you want to use runlevel 1, simply type 'init 1' at command line and
> you will drop to runlevel 1. you do not have to use "/sbin/telinit 1"
> hth.



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