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Re: Fedora 11: Switching to single user mode (runlevel 1) -- Hey g.

David wrote:
> Top post here on purpose. Hey g. Would you, could you, do me, and
> others, a favor? Please?
> Either do as you are supposed to do when using GnuPG to sign your emails

there are no hard set 'rules' stating that one *has* to *publish* their
*public keys*.

publishing public keys on a key server only gives spammers an assurance
that any email addresses they find on a key server are real.

years back when i started using pgp sigs, i did publish my key and shortly
after my spam level almost tripled. therefore, i do not do so now.

so, i will continue to use pgp sigs and not publish them on keys servers.

one of reasons that i use a pgp sig is that it maintains my idenity and
prevents someone from trying to send an email as me, which has happened
on this very list.

another way of obtaining someones public key is to email them and ask for
it. if they wish for you to have it, they will send it to you.

if you do not want you email client to delay your download, disable the
'auto check', or ask.

seems you have not thought of doing such, as you would rather use me as an
excuse to 'top post' and leave unneeded history.


peace out.



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