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Re: how to kill mail threads i dont care about - someone w procmail skill?

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 23:57:45 -0400,
  Mail Lists <lists sapience com> wrote:
>  Every once in a while I want to not read any posts or any followups
> when they are initiated by a certain person - or on a specific topic/
> Topics are easy to killfile coz we only need to match the subject.

If the thread is over a short period of time, control D in mutt will delete
all messages currently in a thread and that may be good enough for you. If the
thread is trickling in or you read your email very often this won't work so
well. Also if you are looking at banning all threads started by particular
email addresses, you are going to need to keep some state besides the current
set of messages.

mutt is probably nicer than procmail for doing this kind of thing because
it understands threads. I am just not sure it's hook system is powerful
enough to do everything you want.

If you are trying to filter at delivery time, you also need to worry about
messages being delivered out of order. So that you might see messages that
are supposed to be deleted before you see the first message in the thread
that allows you to determine that.

You should only have to save the message ids from thread starting messages
from banned addresses. These will appear in the references headers of
messages also in the thread. That shouldn't be a lot of data to save.

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