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Samba configuration

I have been reading the Samba HowTo to figure out how to configure it so
that a guest OS in VirtualBox can use the printer. The article gives the
following example for the configuration file:

Example 2.3.3 Anonymous Print Server smb.conf
# Global parameters
  [ global ]
           workgroup = MIDEARTH
           netbios name = LUTHIEN
           security = share
           printcap name = cups
           disable spoolss = Yes
           show add printer wizard = No
           printing = cups
  [ printers ]
           comment = All Printers
           path = / var / spool /samba
           guest ok = Yes
           printable = Yes
           use client driver = Yes
           browseable = No

My question:	What should I change "MIDEARTH" to? 
As I log on to Fedora as alan should I change it to alan? 
Or should it be the name of a workgroup in my WIN XP virtual OS?

Where does one get the netbios name from to enter in the script,
bearing in mind that this is a standalone computer which a virtual OS
wants to print to?


Alan Duval

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