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Re: Random screen blanking -- a clue

On 07/10/2009 10:10 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
There's been a steady trickle of complaints from different folks about
their screens going blank for a second, or two, after upgrading to F11.

I've observed this too -- it happens on one of my laptops every couple
of days, or so. I've always had the impression that, for some reason,
this was the screensaver kicking in. They way that happened always gave
me that idea.

I'm now pretty sure that, sometimes, for some reason the screensaver
kicks in even though the system is not idle. I just finished typing, and
began reading something on the screen, when the screen went black about
three seconds after I stopped typing.

I did nothing, and the screen continued to stay black. After waiting
about ten seconds, I pressed the shift key, and my desktop came back.

It's the screensaver. Something's causing it to trip, when it shouldn't.

Happens on my Lenovo T61. Usually just goes out for a second or 2 and then comes back.

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