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On 07/10/09 23:34, quoth Steven W. Orr:
> On 07/10/09 18:47, quoth Mikkel L. Ellertson:
>> David, one way to solve the problem is to write a filter rule that
>> sends g's messages directly to trash.
> New entry in my access file
> From:geleem at       REJECT 553 PGP signing with no public key.

Interesting. The little bastard got through at 4:45AM so the access trick
doesn't work. The reason it failed was because the From address wasn't geleem.
It was really fedora-list-bounces. So I added a blacklist_from to my
spamassassin Assuming this works and he gets the message then the
only way I'll get notified is if someone else tells me.

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