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Re: 64-bit LXDE spin/remix

On 07/11/2009 09:40 PM, Globe Trotter wrote:

> So, your response to Christoph when you appropriated his hard work, reducing him to a byline, was just something made up to extricate yourself from an indefensible situation?

What is so indefensible about saying that I don't have a 64-bit system
to create a 64-bit variant for you nor do I have the time to test more
variants?  As far as I can see, you want a 64-bit variant and you seem
upset that I didn't volunteer my time to create that for you.

> Your response on 32-bit systems is puerile: there has been no claim made that a "large majority" of users use 32-bit systems. 

Actually, there is clear evidence for this. See smolt.org stats for

> I fail to see how everyone with his/her own private remixes/spins can contribute to the building of an official Fedora remix/spin.

It is fairly easy, take the kickstart file, do your own builds and
report problems or other feedback to the package maintainers and remix
or spin maintainers.

> Arrogance and whim are not good open-source values: they are best left behind for the closed-source world....as is appropriation which is sort of how windoze started....

You have thrown such accusations at me before for no good reason. This
course of discussion is not constructive. I suggest you use your energy
in a better way.


Ps: Your mail client doesn't line wrap properly.

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