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Re: mailing list pgp signatures...

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On 07/11/09 18:05, quoth David:
> My email client, Thunderbird, goes out and searches for his 'not made
> public as it should be' public Key each and every post. Which takes,
> depends on the various Keyservers, 20 +- seconds *each* Kerserver for
> *each* post. Two in one thread? Does it twice. Three? Does it three
> times. Etc...
> I would think that the other email clients using GnuPG do the same. I
> can set it *not* to do that here but that is not what I wish. And why
> should I set my system so that one person can do things incorrectly?
> But no longer. I asked him politely. But his attitude bought him the bit
> bucket here.
> Understand now?

If I may, I'd like to amplify on "G"'s lack of Netiquette. I am also using
Thunderbird with the Enigmail plugin. I too have my system set up for
"Automatically Decrypt/Verify" and was previously forced to have long delays
every time I saw a message from him. AND I too have taken pains to have him
filtered out of my sight.

I am new to the use of PGP but I have studied it from the math, to the
computer interface, to the historical and to the sociological aspects. We send
mail via post office all the time and we sign them and seal our messages in an
envelope. PGP is the same thing.  I can send mail and set the From line to
Barack Obama and it's trivial to do so. Or, I can send mail out as you and
most people wouldn't be able to tell. We all know about how big a problem
identity theft is and yet so few of us sign our mail. That absolutely
fascinates me. So while "G" is acting like a nitwit by not even understanding
how his behavior is fundamentally rude, I'd like to take this opportunity to
encourage more of you to start signing your mail. There are basically two ways
to do it. You can either use the PGP(or GnuPG) scheme, or you can use S/MIME.
S/MIME is better for scalability in corporations. PGP is better in public. PGP
is free and for SMIME to properly work, you have to get a cert from some
trusted Cert Authority (CA). For most people, that would mean Verisign, and
for others it would mean certs that shouldn't be trusted in the first place.

Anyways, I said what I wanted to say and you can all do what you want, but
maybe at least a few more will be better informed, and that's really why we're
all here.

This message is signed, but if you read it, you'll at least be able to fetch
my public key.

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