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Re: Upgrade from FC6 to FC11

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
I have other Fedora things needing doing, so I am not going to spend my
limited time championing changes in raid 10 configruation restrictions
when I don't use it and don't know much about its details.

You have missed what I said twice, so let it go . I said you might ask to use existing arrays, period. Not raid-10, not degraded raid-1, not with extra space.

I also suggested it be done as a clearly labeled RFE, because people who look at the existing entry think it's a bug report for something which is working properly. Going through all the right motions makes it easier to get others to agree.

I made a suggestion which might solve your problem, and you reject it because it might also solve mine.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
 Obscure bug of 2004: BASH BUFFER OVERFLOW - if bash is being run by a
normal user and is setuid root, with the "vi" line edit mode selected,
and the character set is "big5," an off-by-one error occurs during
wildcard (glob) expansion.

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